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Our Photos

Our Photos


Come learn in our Adult Education classes! Come celebrate Purim at Chabad of Patchogue!Enroll in our Hebrew School!Come bake challah with us! Come eat in our Sukkah! Join in our celebrations! Join us at our Sukkot celebrations!
Dress up in costume for Purim and celebrate with us!Happy Chanukah! Join us at our Women's Programs!

Chabad of Patchogue brings the joy of being Jewish to life
with numerous programs and events –
where Jews come to learn and grow, to study and pray,
to discuss and debate, to sing and rejoice, to eat and celebrate,
and to be together.

Join us to share and enjoy our Jewish heritage!
No membership, background or affiliation is required.

Click the links below to see photos of our past activities.

Farbrengen Birthday Dinner 2017

Sukkot 2017

Women's "Design Your Own Jewelry" 2017

Women's Sweet & Savory Challah Bake 2017

Purim 2017

Women's Hamentashen Bake 2017

Women's Cooking Demo 2017

Chanukah 2016

Sukkot 2016

  Lag B'Omer 2016

Purim 2016

Chanukah 2015

Sukkot 2015

Rochel's Bas Mitzvah August 2015

Lag B'Omer BBQ & Levi's Upsherenish May 2015

Purim 2015

Chanukah 2014

Sukkot 2014 & Victor's Birthday

Purim 2014

Restaurant Night 2014

    Women's Inspiration Night March 2013