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Sell Your Chametz

Order Matza
If you would like to order round hand-made shmurah matzah,
please contact Rabbi Berel Sasonkin at 631-903-0174 or

Schedule of Services
Mornings at 9:00 am Evenings TBA
First day of Passover: Saturday, March 31
Second day of Passover: Sunday, April 1
Seventh day of Passover: Friday, April 6
Eighth day of Passover (with Yizkor service): Saturday, April 7

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The last day of Passover is associated with the future redemption.
The Haftarah (reading from the Prophets) for the eighth day of Passover describes
the promised future era of universal peace and divine perfection.

Join us on the last day of Passover for Moshiach Seudah,
a light festive meal with matzah and four cups of wine.

Saturday, April 7th at 6:00 pm

Seders and Services held at
28 Mowbray Street, Patchogue
(at Young Israel of Patchogue)

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