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Dear Friends,

While we are still reeling from the recent attack in Poway, California,

we ask, what can or what should we do?

Our response is mainly in two points:

Firstly, we must do everything we can to help secure our premises. We are in contact with

local security officials especially the 5th precinct of the Suffolk County Police Department.

We are very gracious for to them for making themselves readily accessible.

Secondly, is to secure our spiritual protection.

As Rabbi Goldstein stated, the way to defeat evil forces is by spreading goodness and kindness.

We will not allow the antisemitism to diminish our faith. On the contrary.

Not only should we continue, rather we have to increase our efforts to practice and spread Judaism.

Rabbi Goldstein has appealed to all Jews even those of us who haven't been to synagogue

in a while to come to services this Shabbat to show solidarity and unity with the Jewish people.

Looking ahead towards a time of ultimate peace and goodness for all.

May we have better reasons to meet in the future!

Rabbi Berel Sasonkin

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