Friendship Bracelet Making Bead Kit with 25 Multicolored Embroidery Flosses, Alphabet Letter & Seed Beads, Silver Charms, Pearls, Pom Poms - DIY Jewelery & Necklace Making Art & Craft Gift for Girls

Retail value: $17.99


• This comprehensive beaded bracelet making kit includes 25 colored threads, 5 colored pom-poms, 15 silver charms, 80 white & black A-Z beads, 60 white & colored A-Z beads, 60 black and colored A-Z beads, 50 diamond shaped beads, 100 faux pearl beads transparent beads, 100 small colored beads, 100 large colored beads, 100 large silver beads, 500 small silver beads, 3 Bead-threaders, 1 carabineer clip and scissors. (The letter beads also include numbers).

• This kit can be used for more than just bracelets! It can also be used for decorating dolls, making hair accessories, cross-stitching, string art, jewelery making, tassels and many other fun DIY projects.

• From children to adults, everyone will enjoy making creative and beautiful things from this DIY jewelery making kit.

• Working with this DIY kit will greatly reduce your child’s TV/phone/computer screen time and stimulate imagination and creativity. They will have some beneficial hands-on knowledge that may not be taught to them in school. And best of all, you will get to spend some time with your children!

• All the accessories come neatly packed in a storage box to be carried anywhere during road trips, air travel and car trips.

Friendship Bracelet Making Bead Kit