Handmade Honey Jar with Dipper, Glass Made Honey Dipper and Honey Pot By Hunnibi -- Just in Time for the Holidays!

Retail value: $13.99


• Serve Your Honey Royally & Mess-Free! No need to use spoons, forks, or other utensils to sweeten your tea or your pancakes – and forget the rest of your honey jars too. This specially designed honey pot jar will do the trick without mess or extra effort!

• Bee-autiful Honey Pot for Your Breakfast Table! This honey jar is made of glass and has a stylish bee decor on its dipper, which means that, when you’re not using it, it makes a wonderful piece of décor for your table or countertop!

• Glass Dipper for Ease of Use! Different from most honey dippers, this one allows for easily controlling the amount of honey you prefer and not a drop more!

•  Comes With a Lid to Keep Your Honey Fresh & Yummy! Unlike other honey containers, the pot is covered with a tasteful glass lid that protects its content from dust, insects, or other unwanted… ingredients. And the best part? The dipper is integrated into the lid so that you won't have to look for it or wash it separately!

• Curvey, Stylish Design Meets Ideal 14oz Capacity! A practical honey jar with its own honey dipper stick does not have to be boring-looking. Also it should be able to drip more than those mini honey jars that serve tiny drops! With its lovely design which can also hold up to 14 oz of honey – it's just for you!

Handmade Glass Honey Jar with Dipper by Hunnibi