MITBAK Salt and Pepper Grinder Set - Salt and Pepper Mills Easy to Use and Equipped with Adjustable Coarseness And Ceramic Mechanism - Packaged in a Stunning Gift Box

Retail value: $49.99


• Sometimes, you’re looking for very fine seasoning and other times more coarse particles. With this refillable salt pepper grinder set, you get to choose the size. Adjust the salt and pepper by turning the knob on the top as you desire!

• Each grinder is 8 inches tall, The see though glass will tell you how much spices are left in the grinder, You will never run out of your spices

• There’s no doubt these innovative salt and pepper shakers get the job done, but they also will enhance your interior décor. They’ll look fantastic displayed on your countertop or holiday table. And the gift box is almost as lovely as the kitchen utensils themselves! 

MITBAK Salt and Pepper Grinder Set