Musurjoy Stainless Steel Cutting Boards Easy Clean Non-Slip Double-Sided Multifunctional Chopping Board for Kitchen, Original Oversized Cutting Board for Kitchen Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Cheese

Retail value: $39.97


• One side is suitable for processing meat, fish and raw food. The other side may be used for cheese, vegetables, fruit, pizza and so on.

• Made of stainless steel with thicker steel and BPA-Free plastic material that is safe and durable.

• The cutting board is smooth - easy to wipe away water stains and residual food.

• Has plenty of room to chop and the juice groove (to help you catch juices and keep the countertop clean and tidy) holds roughly 200ml of liquid.

• A cutting board is one of the most actively used kitchenware items in your home. In order to keep it remain a long-lasting accessory in your kitchen, it’s important that you give your cutting board the proper care it requires.

• Size: 17.72 x 13.78 inches

Musurjoy Stainless Steel Cutting Boards