Nature's Blossom Exotic Vegetable Garden Kit - Easily Grow 4 Funky Vegetables from Seeds. Educational STEM Gardening Gift Set for Kids, Men and Women. Full Beginners Starter Kit.

Retail value: $29.99


• Everything you need to grow 4 beautiful vegetables from seeds: Nature’s Blossom’s grow kit contains all the gardening supplies needed to grow four types of rare veggies at home - fresh vegetable seeds for planting, planting pots, potting soil, plant markets, Plant water mister & a detailed gardener’s manual ; Made in the USA

• Grow a funky vegetable garden: grow purple carrots, black corn, yellow cucumber and romanesco broccoli ; Our seeds have the highest germination rates, and are sourced from local farmers, right here in the USA.

• High germination rates: seeds are non-gmo, chemical free, and grown in the USA

• Can be grown indoors or outdoors ; Made in the USA

Nature's Blossom Exotic Vegetable Garden Kit - Grow 4 Funky Vegetables