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We're impressed with our curriculum, now it's your turn! We hope to engage your child's sense of identity by capturing his/her imagination and attention. 

Our aim is to attain a strong sense of love and pride in being Jewish; explore the Torah (Bible) and the history of the Jewish people, and discover their relevance to today; and learn all subjects in a creative, stimulating environment using a multi-sensory approach.

Our Curriculum Goals:

  • Gain an understanding of holiday traditions and other Jewish practices.
  • Study the morals, values and ethical behavior found in the Torah.
  • Master the skills of Hebrew reading and writing.
  • Understand basic Hebrew words and phrases.
  • Learn basic prayers to enable students to feel comfortable at their respective synagogue services.
  • Allow students to express their opinions and questions about G‑d, Torah and religion.

Our goal is that by the year’s end, in addition to having learned Hebrew; Jewish history, holidays and Judaica; and prayer, your child/ren will have developed a deep love and respect for our heritage.

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