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  Kumzitz Melave Malka!
on Saturday, November 17, 2018
led by the Sasonkin Sisters — Mushka, Shayna & Rochel
was enjoyable as we ate & sang together!

See photo here .

 On Thursday, July 26, 2018 we did some
  Challah Baking!
We had a "delicious" time!

See the photos here .

On Saturday, February 17, 2018 we got together for
Hamentashen Baking!
- bid Shabbat farewell with Havdalah
- enjoyed a pizza dinner and
- made hamentashen!

This event was kindly sponsored by Simone Costa! 

See the photos here .

Thank you to Paula Balaban who led
the program on June 14, 2017
Design Your Own Jewelry!
We all had a wonderful time creating bracelets & necklaces!

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On April 27, 2017,
the Chabad of Patchogue Jewish Women's Circle
joined together for

Sweet & Savory Challah Baking!
It was a delicious program!

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On March 28, 2017, the Chabad of Patchogue Jewish Women's Circle
got together  for a

Pre-Passover Preparation Class!  

Thank you Chaya, who did a great job teaching us how to prep for Passover!

 The Chabad of Patchogue Jewish Women's Circle
got together on Febraury 23, 2017.
We had a joyous time as we baked delicious hamentashen
while learning hidden meanings in the story of Purim!

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The Chabad of Patchogue Jewish Women's Circle
got together on January 29, 2017 to learn to make easy, do-it-yourself dishes at our

Easy Kosher Cooking Demo!
The food was delicious and Chaya gave a great presentation about the blessings on foods!

See the photos here .

The Chabad of Patchogue Women had a fun time
Making Chanukah Candles!
On December 14, 2016, we made candles from beeswax, led by Simone Costa,
and we learned about the roles of women in the story of Chanukah.

Candlemaking - 3 - 2016-Dec-14.JPG Candlemaking - 6 - 2016-Dec-14.jpg

Candlemaking - 4 - 2016-Dec-14.JPG Candlemaking - 5 - 2016-Dec-14.JPG Candlemaking - 8 - 2016-Dec-14.jpg

Candlemaking - 1 - 2016-Dec-14.JPG Candlemaking - 2 - 2016-Dec-14.JPG Candlemaking - 7 - 2016-Dec-14.jpg

On September 19, 2016, the Chabad of Patchogue Women
with women from other Chabad centers went to
"The Ohel".
It was an extraordinary experience, filled with meaning and inspiration,
to visit the resting place of the
Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory, and
his father-in-law, the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Y. Schneeresohn, of righteous memory.

Women's Ohel Visit 2016-Sep-19 1.JPG Women's Ohel Visit 2016-Sep-19 2.JPG Women's Ohel Visit 2016-Sep-19 3.JPG Women's Ohel Visit 2016-Sep-19 4.JPG

The Chabad of Patchogue Women had a
fun time on August 18, 2016 at our get-together
Schmooze & Dance
with Israeli dancing led by Dalia Krolewicz
celebrating the holiday of
Tu B'Av

If you've never heard of Tu B'Av, click here to find out what it's all about!

Tu B'Av Women's Prog 2016-Aug-18.jpg 

We all had fun at the
Chabad of Patchogue Women's
Meet -n- Greet Social
on July 27, 2016

Meet 'n' Greet Social 2016-Jul-27.jpg 

Our October 22, 2015
Chabad of Patchogue women's program
Challah Twist - Challah Bake was fun and "delicious"!
We made, shaped, and baked challahs
and discussed the mitzvot of challah.

For more information about challah, click here
or contact Chaya at

Kneading the dough takes some strength!Let's shape the dough!Getting ready to twist!A little bit of egg wash!
We have a fun time baking challah!Come bake challah with us!
Join us for our next Challah Bake!It looks & smells delicious!

We had a wonderful time on August 30, 2015 celebrating
Rochel's Bas Mitzvah
It was an inspiring and joyous occasion!

See the photos here.

The women's summer study group
The Gate of Trust
held July 30, August 6, August 13, & August 20, 2015
was educational and inspiring!

Our February 19, 2015 Rosh Chodesh Women's Evening of
Cooking Kugels
was enjoyable and delicious!
Click here for Chaya's kugel recipes.

Welcome to "Cooking Kugels!"We love watching Chaya's demo!
Zucchini kugel - Can't wait to try it!Flipping the fried noodle kugel!Into the oven, they go!
We're learning how to make so many delicious kugels!Now we eat & they are delicious!

The women of Chabad of Patchogue and Chabad of Coram
came together on December 4, 2014 for
Mega Challah Baking!
We all had a great time, and it was a
wonderful and fulfilling feeling to bake your very own challah!

Challah Baking with Rochel & ChayaMega Challah Baking 2014-Dec-4Chaya teaching us how to "separate challah"
We can't wait to bake our challahs!They look delicious!

The Torah and Tea on August 3, 2014, was educational and inspiring,
with our talk about the history, laws and customs of Tisha B'Av.
(The cranberry muffins and zucchini bread were delicious, too!)
Join us for our next women's program!
Click here for the cranberry muffin recipe!
Click here for the zucchini bread recipe!

Our first 2014 Torah and Tea event on March 30th
was inspirational as we discussed Passover,
and delicious as we ate our muffins and drank our tea!
Click here for the Passover presentation!

Click here for the carrot & blueberry muffin recipes!

We enjoyed our Torah and Tea!Come learn with us!
Join our Torah and Tea next time!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Shayna's Bas Mitzvah
on the 21st of Menachem Av 2773/July 28, 2013!
It was an inspiring and joyous occasion!

We had a fun night of Dancing & Inspiration!
In honor of Chaya's birthday on the 24th of Adar 2773/ 2013,
we ate, danced
and discussed the importance of joy
and how joy breaks down barriers.

See the photos here.

Our 2013 Women's Purim Program was enjoyable and inspiring!
We had great fun getting together to make hamentashen,
and learned a lot in our discussion of
Prayer: a Woman's Perspective.

Our Chabad of Patchogue women's August 30, 2012 program
Challah - A Whole New Twist was great fun!
We made and shaped challahs
and discussed the significance of the
special women's mitzvah of "separating challah".

Our Women's Farbrengen was educational and inspiring!
We enjoyed a wonderful luncheon,
celebrating Chaya's birthday on the 24th of Adar 5772/2012,
and learning about the importance of Jewish birthdays.

On February 29, 2012, our Chabad of Patchogue women's
Purim Potpourri program was amazing!
We made hamentashen and had a discussion of the
Story of Purim:
Esther as the role model for the Jewish woman


Join us for the next Chabad of Patchogue women’s event!

Programs and classes for women are conducted by Chaya Sasonkin.

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