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Eating is, as everyone knows, a profoundly Jewish activity. However, there is a deeper side to it. Keeping kosher is a mitzvah, a divine "commandment" and "connection." We eat kosher foods because G‑d commanded us to do so, and, by fulfilling the divine will, we connect to G‑d.
Kosher means “fit.” The Torah tells us what foods are fit or proper for us to eat, and what foods are forbidden. Food is not kosher because a rabbi blesses it; rather, keeping kosher means eating the foods that the Torah allows and preparing them in a proper fashion.
With the abundance of kosher-certified foods available, observing the laws of kashrut is easier than ever! By observing the kosher laws, we are mindful of G‑d and connect to Him even when doing something as mundane as eating. Keeping kosher is good for the body and the soul!


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For assistance with all your koshering needs and to answer your questions about kashrut, please contact Rabbi Berel Sasonkin at 631-903-0174 or

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