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The mikvah (immersion pool) offers the individual, the community,

and the nation of Israel the remarkable gift of purity and holiness.
The Torah prescribes going to a mikvah in order to become ritually pure.

For many women, immersion in a mikvah yields a spiritual high, a state in which nothing stands between you and G‑d; a return to the innocence of birth; a sanctification of all that is feminine.

In fact, it is not just your soul and body that become spiritually uplifted

– it is your entire family and home.
Though not a decree from the Torah, many men go to a mikvah

in preparation for Shabbat or a holiday.

For more information, or for an appointment at our Chabad of Patchogue Mikvah,

please call or text Chaya Sasonkin at 631-903-0175.

To learn more about a mikvah, it's practice, laws and insights, click here.

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