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The mezuzah is a specially prepared parchment scroll on which a skilled scribe, called a sofer,

has very carefully written the text of the Shema --

a passage from the Torah declaring the oneness of G‑d.


This scroll is rolled up and placed in a case and is affixed to the right-hand doorpost of every doorway in one's home, except for the bathroom. Contrary to popular belief, the outer case, alone, is not a mezuzah.


A mezuzah, when mounted on the doorpost, designates the home as Jewish, reminding us

of our connection to G‑d and our heritage.


According to Rambam (Maimonides), the mezuzah reminds us of the presence and the Unity of G‑d, arousing us to love G‑d and walk in His path.

Also, the Sages tell us that the mezuzah has a protective power for the family living in that home.


Great skill is needed to write a kosher mezuzah. Unfortunately, many mezuzot have been sold which do not meet the standards of Jewish law. There are many elaborate and beautiful cases which turn out to have only a printed slip of paper inside, instead of the required, properly-written, parchment.


Even if one's mezuzah was properly written when purchased, it is important to have it checked regularly. The Code of Jewish Law states that this should be done "twice in seven years." However, today, chemicals in the air and other factors lead rabbis to recommend that they should be checked more frequently.

To acquire a mezuzah or to have your mezuzot checked, please contact Rabbi Berel Sasonkin

at 631-903-0174 or

For more information about mezuzot, click here.

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